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July 2015 — New and improved Installation and Operating Manuals wow seasoned walk-in tub installer.

Bliss Tubs amplifies its reputation for superior customer, dealer and installer support with the recent release of a new and improved Installation Manual for all tub models and configurations. The new manual underwent extensive refinement over the last two years with the intention of providing absolutely all the information needed by an installer to properly install a walk-in tub in any circumstance. Click here for a preview of the Installation Manual before ordering your tub.

For the homeowner, our new and improved Operating Manuals have been updated for ease of reading and include comprehensive, yet simple, instructions on the use and maintenance of their Bliss Walk-in Tub. Click here for a preview of the Operating Manual before selling a walk-in tub to your customer.

The new manuals have been hailed by a seasoned walk in tub installer and dealer out of the Northeast as "by far the best manuals in the industry."

February 2015 — Alabama and Florida walk-in tub dealers switch to Bliss Tubs from same lower-quality Arizona supplier.


  1. Money paid upfront then told that tub would be delivered in 6 weeks (versus less than 10 day turnaround by Bliss Tubs).
  2. Eager to have their customers benefit from the higher-quality components and more reliable service and technical support of Bliss Tubs

October 2014 — Successful long-time Mid-America walk-in bathtub dealer switches to Bliss Tubs due to ongoing quality and service issues of his previous manufacturer.

June 2014 — Comment by an Arizona Walk-in Tub Dealer to an Industry Visitor:

“We recommend Bliss walk-in tubs to our customers because of the quality and reliability.”

April 2014 — Feedback from North Carolina Walk-in Tub Installer:

“I install walk-in tubs from competitors of Bliss Tubs. However, I prefer Bliss walk-in bathtubs because: (1) Bliss Tubs come with top-of-the line name-brand spa systems; (2) The faucets supplied by Bliss Tubs are much higher quality that those supplied by the competitors; and (3) Bliss Tubs technical support is far and above that of other tub companies that I deal with.”
Bliss walk-in bathtubs are comparable to the American Standard “Safety Tubs” fiberglass walk-in tubs sold in Home Depot and other national chains:

  • Both Bliss Tubs and American Standard walk in tubs are manufactured in the USA
  • Both feature stainless steel tub frames with adjustable leveling feet
  • Both have inward opening doors which make accidental door opening unlikely
  • Both use the same ultra-quiet, high quality systems from top-of-the-line suppliers to the U.S. spa industry
  • Both come with senior-friendly drain controls
  • Both provide extensive and comprehensive warranties

Bliss walk-in tubs incorporate distinctive features, including:

  • Stunning gel-coat feature
  • Senior-friendly electronic keypads (in contrast to the clunky pneumatic buttons used by most walk-in bathtub manufacturers)
  • 3/4 inch water supply capable of filling tub at 18 gallons per minute (compares with 1/2 inch supply offered by other manufacturers)
  • Senior-friendly and elegantly designed drain mechanism
  • Top of the line, ultra quiet blowers and pumps (in contrast with noisy equipment supplied by others)
  • No gimmicky quick-drain claims that are impractical for economical installation in most existing homes
  • All system components UL certified

Importantly, Bliss walk-in tubs are sold complete with the following:

  • ADA-compliant five-piece designer faucet set including retractable handheld showerhead
  • Senior-friendly door handle
  • Extension kit to fill out whatever remains of the standard sixty-inch opening
  • Senior-friendly electronic keypads (in contrast to the clunky pneumatic buttons used by most walk-in bathtub manufacturers)
Dealers and Installers Continue to Switch to Bliss Walk-In Tubs

Bliss Tubs dealership advantages:

  • Competitive dealer pricing for high quality product
  • Free shipping to Bliss Tubs-selected trucking terminals near dealers
  • Rapid review of request for acceptance as a dealer
  • Extension telephone orientation regarding walk-in tub installations
  • Periodic email updates, including sales tips
  • Highly acclaimed sales pitch book provided free of charge
  • Bliss Tubs graphics content provided free of charge for dealer website and print use
  • Telephone technical support:  9am to 2pm Eastern time zone; 6am to 5pm Pacific time zone
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