Bliss Tub Dealer Testimonials

Bliss Walk-in Tubs Dealer Testimonials

About the Highest Quality Product & Service...

In a very few words, the best in the industry. No one has done it better.

Cliff B. | Warwick, RI (describing the Bliss Installation & Operating manuals)

The quality of Bliss walk-in tubs is far superior to other top manufacturers. Bliss customers are getting a much better tub for a much lower price. Before selecting my preferred walk-in tub brand, I visited a number of manufacturers. Unlike the $9 per hour situations I saw at some of the manufacturers, I found a professional production team and well organized assembly process at the Bliss Tubs facility. This Bliss difference is a key reason that I have chosen to supply Bliss walk-in tubs to my clientele.

Fernando G. | Redondo Beach, CA

I’ve been doing this for going on 8 years. Done installs for all the main guys: Premier, Safe Step, even some for ReBath way back when. But, you know, I’ve never had an easier install than the Bliss Tub. And you can’t beat the finish of the gel coat. I’d install your tub over anyone else’s! I’ve never had a call back about your tub.

Rick T. | Rockwell, NC

I very much like working with Bliss — they are very professional and I have always had great experiences working with Jess, the owner, and the others at his facility. I have installed hundreds of Bliss tubs and I can say they are great to install and customers love them. I like that I can be confident in recommending and installing their great product.

Matt C. | Oklahoma City, OK

I just finished unpacking my first Bliss walk-in tub. I am calling to tell you how very impressed I am with the quality, the care, the technical phone numbers, all the effort put into delivering it to me. It’s a pleasure selling your product.

Cliff B. | Warwick, RI

Jess, got the tub yesterday. I haven't seen it yet, but my partner and my guys were terribly impressed with the tub and accessories and the packaging. Thank you for the box of goodies, flyers, notebook, etc. I am even more impressed with you guys and am extremely excited to begin promoting walk in tubs in my advertising.

Travis E. | Fletcher, NC

We like working with Bliss Tubs since the manufacturing process is overseen by the owner on a daily basis, with quality control being a top priority. If something does come up, we quickly get a solution by UPS without any red tape or bureaucratic issues.

Chris T. | Sacramento, CA

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the tub for our clients. Like I told you, I worked with a national chain of walk-in tubs. I was so impressed with your tub: the finish, stainless steel tubing instead of a wood frame, built in handles to help carry the tub during installation, the delivery on time, 5/8 rod for the feet compared to 3/8: QUALITY at the finest! We look forward to working with Bliss tubs in the future.

Joe I. | Sebring, FL