Walk-in Bathtub Therapy Systems

Bliss Walk-in Bathtubs Therapy Systems

Rediscover the Luxury of Bathing with a Walk-in Bathtub...

Bliss Walk-in Bathtubs were designed from the ground up to be the most enjoyable and therapeutic safe bathing experience possible. You will forget the stresses of daily life as you enjoy the relaxation and comfort of a deep soak in warm soothing water. Every Bliss Tub starts on the foundation of our soaker configuration. For an even more enhanced experience, Bliss Tubs offers several world-class therapy systems:

Bliss Air Massage Therapy System

The Air Massage System comes with 18 state-of-the-art air jets. These jets focus a steady stream of bubbles toward your hips, back, knees and joints to relieve tension and maximize comfort. The Air Massage System also comes with the quietest motor in the industry, so you won't even know it's there. Learn more about the Bliss Air Massage Therapy System.

Bliss Hydromassage Therapy System

The Hydromassage System uses 10 state-of-the-art water jets to better reduce stress as you recline in your walk-in bathtub. The jets are configured to give bathers the optimal hydrotherapy experience, aiming a massaging stream of bubbles at the back, knees and feet. Learn more about the Bliss Hydromassage Therapy System.

Bliss Dual Massage Therapy System

The Dual Air and Hydromassage System offers our finest in therapeutic bathing. The 16 air jets and 10 water jets come in variable speeds and are easily adjustable. The dual systems operate separately, so you can choose and air massage, a hydromassage or both. Learn more about the Bliss Dual Massage Therapy System.

Bliss Aromatherapy System

Often overlooked, the power of aroma can help reduce stress and encourage relaxation. The aromatherapy system uses all-natural essential oils and comes with a starter pack to help you find the perfect scent for you. Learn more about the Bliss Aromatherapy System.

Bliss Chromatherapy System

Studies show that certain colors can have therapeutic benefits, helping to promote healing and tranquility. The Chromatherapy System harnesses this effect to help you achieve the most soothing bathing experience. Three LED lights are positioned to illuminate your bath and help you maximize the color therapy benefits. Choose from one of the seven colors or cycle throught eh entire spectrum. Learn more about the Bliss Chromatherapy System.