Bliss Walk-in Bathtub with Chromatherapy System

Bliss Walk-in Bathtubs Chromatherapy

Experience therapy through colors...

Chromatherapy is available on all Bliss Walk-in Bathtub models. Multicolored lights positioned in the tub illuminate the water, heightening the bathing experience and providing therapeutic benefits.

Chromatherapy Features

  • Three 9-LED lights strategically placed in the walk-in bathtub basin
  • Easy-touch keypad control
  • On/Off - Allows the option of bathing with chromatherapy on or off, depending on the user's preference or mood
  • Color Forward - Manually cycle through and pause on a favorite color
  • Rainbow Cycle - Automatically sets the chromatherapy system to transition through the entire spectrum of colors. Each color lasts for five seconds before cycling through to the next
  • Fast and slow color transition cycles at the touch of a button

Therapy of Color

Using colors therapeutically is said to foster harmony and well being. Each color has a unique vibration with its individual speed, wavelength and rhythm.

Red stimulates the circulatory system and promotes vitality and energy

Orange aids the respiratory and nervous systems, combats fatigue and nurtures body and mind

Yellow energizes, provides stimulation, fortifies and relaxes

Green calms the nervous system and fortifies and relaxes vision

Turquoise regenerates, calms sudden pain and relaxes intellect

Blue promotes peace and tranquility and opens the conscious mind

Purple harmonizes emotions