Walk-in Bathtub Model B2851
Narrow & Convenient

Size: 28" W x 51" L x 41" H

At only 28 inches wide, Model B2851 is an ideal choice for bathrooms and homes with narrow doorways. This model was specifically designed with versatility and convenience in mind, allowing the walk-in tub to be installed with minimal other remodeling. With an extended seat length and width, this tub’s interior is roomy and comfortable. And at 51 inches long and 41 inches high, the tub’s compact dimensions still provide plenty of legroom and an immersive bath. This tub model comes with a 9-inch wide extension kit that can fill a 60-inch space or be cut to tailor the fit to less than 60 inches.

The Model B2851 can provide much more than a simple bath. Our hydrotherapy jets and soothing therapeutic systems — both optional — provide a truly spa-quality bathing experience, melting away the physical stress and tension of a long day.

Therapeutic Spa Options

Hydromassage System

  • 10 individually adjustable water jets
  • Ultra-quiet 1-horsepower pump
  • Automatic air mixture for a more vigorous massage
  • Exclusive easy-touch electronic control panel
  • Plumbing engineered to ensure proper drainage
  • Patented "safety suction" water return

Air Massage System

  • 18 low-profile brass air jets
  • Whisper-quiet CG Air™ blower
  • Exclusive easy-touch electronic control panel
  • Ceramic heating element in the blower warms the air bubbles
  • Purge cycle clears residual water from the air channels between baths

Dual Massage System

  • Integrated Hydromassage and Air Massage systems
  • 16 air jets and 10 water jets
  • Exclusive easy-touch Air + Water combined electronic control panel


  • The aromatherapy system uses all-natural essential oils and comes with a starter pack to help you find the perfect scent


  • Three LED lights are positioned to illuminate your bath, promoting relaxation and tranquility

Standard Features

  • 6-inch door threshold
  • Guaranteed leak-proof door
  • ADA-compliant 17-inch high seat
  • Textured anti-slip floor
  • Contoured tub seat and back rest
  • Huntington Brass Speedy-Fill ADA-compliant chrome faucet set with retractable handspray
  • Polished steel interior grab bar
  • Welded stainless steel frame with ample floor and seat support
  • White or bisque high-sheen gel-coat finish over woven fiberglass body
  • Westbrass cable actuated drain and overflow kit
  • Two easy-access maintenance panels
  • Right-hand or left-hand door
  • Stainless steel door hinge and ergonomic door handle
  • Six adjustable leveling feet to ensure door seal integrity
  • Extension kit that can fill in 60-inch space or be cut to tailor the fit to less than 60 inches

Options & Accessories